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Your Needs…

Financial Planning

You need a financial plan – soup to nuts, the big picture and all the details to make sure your ship has a course and will reach its destination. You have an idea of what things look like but you’re just not sure. Do you have enough insurance? Is your estate plan up-to-snuff? Are you saving enough for retirement? What about your emergency fund?

Clients of Wheat-Givens Financial benefit from years of experience with all sorts of clients. There isn’t much we haven’t seen and our clients know we’ve done our homework. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today!

Investment Planning

You have worked hard to build a nest egg, think you have a good handle on how to manage it but you would rather spend time with your family than worrying about the market ups and downs. Or, you've just changed jobs and have a sweet 401(k) balance. Are the options available through your former employer working as hard for you as you did to build that account? Our clients know that we manage "serious money" - money that has to be there when it's needed. Let us show you how we blend strategic and tactical management, always with the understanding and approval of our clients to help them weather financial storms and reach their ultimate destination.

Retirement Planning

What will retirement look like for you? A time of freedom to explore new lands, spending lots of time with your grandkids, finally having enough time to practice so you can win a match against your golf nemesis? Are you dreaming of that day but not sure you will have enough assets to support your dream? It's never too early to start planning for "someday". And, if someday is right around the corner, you really need a plan! Call us at 214-385-2415 to schedule a meeting to discuss your dreams and goals and start working on a plan to get you there - and make sure your money lasts.

Estate Planning

Do you have a current estate plan? If you're thinking estate plans are only for the ultra-wealthy, you might want to reconsider. What would happen to your family if something happened to you and almost half of what you left them was taken away, either through estate taxes or a lawsuit? We work with our clients and attorneys who specialize in estate planning to make sure each family has the best protection available. Schedule an appointment today to review your existing estate plan documents or get started on protecting what you plan to leave your loved ones! Please don't wait until it's too late.

Insurance Planning

Having adequate insurance protection in place enables your family's financial ship to continue on in spite of small and large shipwrecks that occur (death, disability, accidents, lawsuits, etc.). Ignoring this aspect of your financial picture can be devastating to those you leave behind or who are responsible for your care. Not only will they suffer emotionally, but adding financial stress can be devastating. Chances are, your family won’t have to worry, but chances were good for the family who lost a loved one last week, too. Contact us today at 214-385-2415 to schedule an insurance needs review!

College Needs and other Goals

Have kids and want to send them to college? Have a dream of being a real estate mogul or owning a yacht? Let us use our tools and expertise to help you make a plan to reach those goals. Studies show that people who work with a financial planner are more likely to reach their goals. Schedule a meeting today to get started on your voyage to success!