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About You…

I’m in my late forties or early fifties. When did that happen?

Where has the time gone? And, where are you in your plan?

You are in one of two places.

Hopefully, you have made some wise choices along the way – foregone the boat and rented one the two times you’ve made time for a trip to the lake. Skipped the mid-life-crisis car and kept your boring, reliable sedan. Made your own fancy coffee at home and banked the difference. You’ve got some healthy savings and investment balances. But, you’re not sure your investments are really working as hard as they can. Maybe you’ve been managing them yourself and you’ve done well, but you’re ready to spend your time on other things. Maybe you haven’t heard from your advisor in months. Maybe your advisor is no longer with the company and you aren’t really sure about the new one. Maybe you’ve changed companies and you’re not sure what to do with your 401(k).

It’s time for some professional advice from an advisor who puts you first. You have your own unique goals, timeframe and risk tolerance. Your plan should reflect that. You aren’t a number or a model or part of a quota. You certainly shouldn’t be treated like that.

Our clients know that we spend time getting to know them. Their plans reflect that knowledge and their unique situation. We never use models or third-party money managers. They know, each month, where they stand. And if they miss a request to discuss their account on their report, we reach out.

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On the other hand, maybe you haven’t made great choices. Or maybe the recession took a huge toll on your finances and you haven’t yet recovered. We understand and we can get you back on track. Everyone deserves great planning to reach their goals!

Let us review your situation and help get you moving in the right direction. Call us at 214-385- 2415 to schedule an appointment.

I’m in my late fifties or just a bit beyond…

You are likely in your prime earning period. You have saved and invested. You’ve helped get your kids through college. You can see retirement and are wondering if it will be all that you imagined. You are wondering what it will look like to start spending all that money you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. Will it be enough? How can you make it last? What about Social Security?

Financial planning tools are designed to help people like you make sense of the transition from earning and saving to spending and enjoying. Our clients know we are happy to help them figure out if the trip around the world really is possible and what the impact will be on their future.

You’ve worked hard and it shows. Your finances reflect your great choices. You deserve the best when it comes to planning for enjoying the fruits of your labor!

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I’m recently retired…

You’ve worked hard. You’ve saved, you’ve invested, you’ve made (mostly) good financial decisions. Are you sure your money will last? What will your lifestyle be like? Can you travel like you had hoped? Enjoy time with family? Give back to your community?

It can be overwhelming to make the transition from earning to spending. You’ve been diligently saving for most of your working life. It’s time for a 180 degree switch. Many people have a difficult time thinking about their financial resources dwindling.

Wheat-Givens Financial clients face that challenge knowing where they stand. Our careful evaluation of our clients’ resources, paired with our knowledge of our clients’ dreams for retirement help clients make that transition with confidence. Our approach helps give them peace of mind.

Call us today (214-385-2415) and let us help you enjoy the years to come!


I’m in my thirties (or maybe just pushed past forty)…

Maybe you have started saving for retirement through your employer but you’re not sure it’s enough. Maybe you have kids and you have started saving for college – can you ever possibly save enough? Maybe you are beginning to worry about taking care of your parents. Maybe you’d love to take a year off and travel the world. Maybe you’d love a spacious new home with a pool and a putting green…

Maybe. Someday. Hopefully. If I could only…. While you’re busy keeping up with your career and your life, your dreams feel like they are slipping away. Dreaming about the future is important – it can bring joy to a not-so-great day, it can be the reason we get out of bed each day, it helps us remember there is more to life than work. Dreams without a plan are just dreams. With a plan, dreams become goals. Goals become reality. Life is lived in the meantime!

Our clients know that their goals are our goals for them. We help them see the possibilities, make better decisions and get a plan in place that will work for them now and get them to where they want to be.

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I’m in my twenties…

and I’m not sure I need a financial planner. Tell me how it works…

You are on your way! Big dreams, excited about the future and a decent paycheck to boot. Well, better than minimum wage, anyway. Can you afford financial planning? The real question is, can you afford NOT to plan?

At Wheat-Givens Financial, one of our most important objectives is to educate our clients. Trying to reach a financial goal without a plan and without the education of why and how that plan will work is a dream – or more likely, a nightmare. And, it’s never too early to begin!

Our clients learn about the three-bucket approach to financial success. Fill the buckets in the right order, know when to “move the hose” and watch your financial goals come into focus.

Once clients understand the approach, we dive in, get to know them, and their hopes and dreams, then develop a plan to get them on track with protection, savings and investing.

Contact us today to see how we can help you! There is no charge for the consultation – we’re happy to help.

I’m a business owner

You own a successful business. You have great employees. You want to keep them.

One of the best ways to show your employees that you care about them, their families and their futures is to offer a retirement plan.

Lots of options exist that will help your employees (and you!) save for retirement and may help reduce your business tax bill to boot.

Another way to help your employees and keep their productivity high is to offer financial education seminars. Employees who have good financial skills are less likely to miss work, are more likely to have a stable home life and, let’s face it, less likely to help themselves to company profits.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss how working with a financial advisor can help make your business more successful.

I’ve recently lost a spouse…

Whether you’ve lost a spouse to an illness or accident or your marriage didn’t work out, you have questions about your financial future.

Will I have to make changes to my lifestyle? Do I have to find a job – or find a better one? Will I still be able to help my kids go to college? What about my house?

Major changes in a family situation are traumatic enough. Pile on the stress of financial worries and many people make choices they wouldn’t otherwise make.

Professional financial planning can help take the emotion out of the financial stress. We can help you get a picture of your current situation and help make decisions for your future.

We’ve supported many clients through the loss of a spouse. We can help you, too!

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